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Nouveauté - Scarves, Scarves and Pashminas Made in Italy of the highest quality

Nouveauté: Discover true Made in Italy
Over the years Nouveauté has developed its working structure with the aim of bringing out the main characteristics of "Made in Italy" in its products. The refinement of the fabrics and the quality of the printed products are the company's prerogatives.

The company creates and produces collections of personalized scarves and pashminas according to the client's orders. It works and delivers around the world. The company is a historical reality of Como that knew how to continue the area's creative and manufacturing traditions that are so much appreciated around the world.

For this reason Nouveauté uses only the best national collaborators to create products that meet the clients' requests in the search for processes that recall the ancient name and prestige of Como.
Our products
PRINTS: Amongst Nouveauté's products there are creative printed fabrics so that your scarves can be personalized for the maximum in imagination and colour.
JACQUARDS: Complex and unique designs are available for the jacquard fabrics offered by the company. They are unique for creativity and imagination.

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  • NOUVEAUTÉ DI FRANCO PEZZIA & C. SNC - Via Madruzza, 17/19 - 22100 - Como (CO) - Italy Mail:

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