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  • Via del lavoro, 21 Sommacampagna - Verona - (Mappa)
  • +39 0456090173
  • Italy - Sommacampagna (Verona) - Cap. 37066 - Via del lavoro, 21 - Tel. +39 0456090174 - Fax +39 0456082426 - Mail


EURO GAMMA GROUP S. r. l is the combination of the experience of TOP CHEM S. r. l (expert in the production and research of new products) and REXITAL S.r.l. (inserted in the marketing and research of new markets), two companies that have been present on the market of magnetic treatment for water and fuels for more than 25 years and leaders in their sectors.
Today we can be considered the company with the most experience in the construction of magnetic descalers.
All products are made in Italy and are certified A.C.S., TÜV Nord, BIOBIT and EPTANORD, with a warranty from 5 to 10 years depending on the range.
The functionality of the products is also demonstrated by numerous scientific studies of the most important universities in the world.
We sell in Italy, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, Tunisia, Libya, Russia, Iran, Japan, Mexico...
We supply the most important retailers, plumbing companies, some multinationals in the white goods sector (household appliances), water treatment firms, different factories, commercial televisions...Today this is a product that is particularly requested given the particular attention of the mass media to ecology and savings.

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Euro Gamma Group S.r.l. ist die Vereinigung der Erfahrungen von TOP CHEM S.r.l. und REXITAL S.r.l., Unternehmen, die seit mehr als 25 Jahren auf dem Markt der magnetischen Wasseraufbereitung tätig sind und führend in ihren Branchen sind.

EURO GAMMA GROUP S.r.l. entsteht aus der Fusion der Erfahrungen von TOP CHEM S.r.l. (spezialisiert für die Herstellung und Erforschung neuer Produkte) und REXITAL S.r.l. (Experte in der Vermarktung...
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